Revolving Doors

We work with the leading manufacturers of revolving doors in the industry, without compromising the insulation, functionality and security criteria in automatic revolving doors, which are considered as a prestige element. You can review our references of many types and sizes of revolving doors such as aluminium drum, stainless body, glass roof, panic break feature, automatic sliding door etc.

Motorised Louvers Applications

Lamella dimensions, control system (button, control, automation etc.), box insulation, application details are the issues that need to be resolved with care in shutter systems preferred for sun protection, burglar security, comfort reasons.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors are the most used automatic transition systems. We work with the leading manufacturers of the industry in automatic sliding doors activated by many control elements such as buttons, radar, card control etc. We have hundreds of automatic sliding door references in features such as various sizes, classic double wings, single wings, telescopic opening, panic break feature, inox hanger, stainless look etc.